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Address 32,Bridge Street, Hatherleigh EX20 3HZ UK

Tel 01837 811216 mobile 07890 615454

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Address 32,Bridge Street, Hatherleigh EX20 3HZ UK

Tel 01837 811216 mobile 07890 615454
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Basic Operation of

There are 6 drop down Menus:- Near you, Info, Menu, ADDING MENU (Initially ADD CONTENT) add your email and Mag (only displayed if the user has entered a village/area option). "Hover" over these options and click on the item you are interested in.

Near you
Displayed postcodes of/near your current location , if location information available. Only in UK at present.

Change Postcode/area, Add change Email, Terms and Conditions, Cookie Policy(which includes a link to clear all cookies).
Login option if you have already added your email. (i.e. ADD CONTENT visible not ADDING MENU)
If Login previously entered the facility to “Add a village” will appear a local photograph and 6 local 6 digit postcodes. i.e. EX20 3 not EX203J.
Also if training been undertaken access to the magazine creation suite.

Menu list of items relevant to the Area/Postcode entered. (Events, News, Forum etc.)

ADDING MENU, originally (ADD CONTENT where you have to add your email and memorable word to get the ADDING MENU) Add any local based information you wish to enter depending on status, N.B. no image will be displayed with a greater width than 300 pixels. Content variable due to status see below.

MAG, List reports etc which form a local monthly magazine. only displayed if you have chosen an village/area.

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Just looking
Postcode/village, held all other cookies cleared when your browser is closed, this is held until you change it or cleared see below. No other information is held by

Adding information
As above plus email and memorable word which is held against all content entered. And the email and memorable word is kept to save for future use to save the user from re-entering them and to allow them to change/delete the content entered.
All images uploaded will be vetted before they available to be viewed by others.
All content is sent to for vetting and will be taken down if against their values and you will be informed. In extreme cases you will be blocked from using the site. See below.

Trusted User status. Why Login?
You have to enter your email and password as above, this email will be used as your public content when adding villages.
If you choose the option to login, you are committing to your personal details being kept by this will not be made public other than your email, see below.
If you choose to login you have the following benefits.
All images uploaded by you will be available immediately, you will also be able to add Picture Reports, News and Attractions in your village/area, this will also be available to others in your area with your permission.
You will be responsible for the content they upload!
You can have access to the ability to create local websites/magazine by “Adding Villages/areas” up to 3 areas per login.
All advertisements taken out by you on the site will get 40% of the cost, monies taken by and when received your money be sent on to you within 25 working days.
You will have access to a suite of programs to create your local magazine, if you choose to produce a paper copy of the magazine with free training.
All advertisements taken out in your magazines you will get 90% of the monies received. Potentially allowing you to print the magazine with a commercial printer.
You are likely to be contacted to verify your details.
You are responsible and will be emailed all content added within your chosen post codes/village, including copy sent to the first four digits of your first postcode entered, (i.e. Say you entered EX20 3, EX19 8 in that order all content entered in the EX20 area will be sent to you) to be verified by you and taken down if it breaches code of practice, i.e. malicious gossip directed at any individual, illegal, sexual or violent content. All content should be factual including quotes by named individuals within the piece, the forum facility is for opinion.

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Clear all cookies here if you choose to do this you will not be able to use

Adding a Location/village only available if logged in see above

You will need the fields displayed on the initial screen, Title, Description, up to 6 Post Codes of your area(6 digits) i.e. SW1 3Q, EX20 3, not EX203, EX20 or EX20 3HZ, *Telephone number, *Email and a *Phrase/name(to be remembered so you can amend/delete the item later)
*means items are not displayed on the site, your main email will be available to viewers of your Village/Area website.
All items are optional except for the first postcode and the image and copy email which can be the same as your main email.
The image will be displayed up to 1000 pixels wide so be aware that the width should be at least 5 times wider then the height i.e. 1000 pixels by 200 pixels.

LISTEVENTS.NET is a location based site so tourists and locals can see what events are going on, and get information about the Local Area and leave reviews via the forum facility they are in.


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On, Villages and/or the Online Magazine, in time a printed/online version can be produced by the originator of the village/district email found in banner of the village site.

1. On the home page of the PC village website version and top of the selected type of business chosen, when people search for a builder/accommodation etc. Also a chance of your business to be shown at the top of any listing undertaken within the 4 digit postcode selected i.e. EX20, GU28 etc. £100 per year.

2. Top of the selected type of business chosen when people search for a builder/accommodation etc. within the 4 digit postcode selected i.e. EX20, GU28 etc. £50 per year.

3. Online/paper magazine (A5 booklet), check with your originator of the village/area to see what he is providing. The fees are £120 per year for a quarter page advert, image (200 pixels wide 100 high), limited description, contact info email, tel, website making a total depth of 300 pixels. Half page £240, Full page £480. You will have the option to change the advert every month before the publishing deadline1 has passed. One off ads are charged at £25 for a quarter page, £50 for a Half page £100 for a full page.

4. FREE online listing no image required.

All advertisements will no longer be available after the year is up, all advertisers will be sent an email before their advert expires with a 6 week chance to renew for another year.

You can then add your Business from the "Business" option under "Adding Menu" , then add your business. Be aware an image request reflecting your business will be required, see above.

Enter all relevant fields, (essentially the targeted 4 digit postcode), otherwise your advert will only appear on the general free listing on, and your phrase/name must be remembered if you wish to amend your entry later.

Press "submit" then upload your image, after completion your invoice will emailed to you, this is due for payment within 14 days otherwise you advert will be removed from the site.

LISTEVENTS.NET is a location based site to enable tourists and locals can to see what events are going on, and get information about the Local Area they are in or wish to travel to.

General Terms

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1. We reserve the right to withdraw any content without giving any reason.

2. If you have paid for your listing and WE disagree with the content we will give you the reason and withdraw the content, and reimburse you.

3. If content is of an illegal nature and appears on the site, the content will be removed from the site and reported to the appropriate authorities.

4. All copy entered should be relevant to the area or its residents.

5. No copy will be accepted that is directed, in anyway, at any individual will be removed.

6. General points and opinions are encouraged, use the site sensibly and get your views across.

7. Everyone is encouraged to use this site to put their views across on local matters.

8. LISTEVENTS.NET site is a UK based orientated Site at the moment, tomorrow the WORLD!

9. All information is deleted when it is not relevant, i.e. all events information is deleted after the event.

11. All information can be deleted by the originator of the information and by

12. This is a location based site and needs local contributions.

13. All images need to be approved before they will appear on the site.

14. All content entered can be removed from the system via the Amend/Delete options from the add (screens), by using the name/phrase used when adding the content.

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