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Exbourne Council meeting - March 29 
Council Notes Extracts from the Draft Minutes of the January meeting of Exbourne with Jacobstowe Parish Council. Six Councillors were present together with Borough Councillor Lois Samuel and two members of the public. Borough Cllr Samuel discussed the WDBC website and reported that hopefully improvements would be in place shortly. A Neighbourhood Plan update was presented. It was explained that the group had been working with the Affordable Housing Officer at WDBC to clarify a few matters in the initial draft of the Housing Needs Survey report. The report would be made public on the Neighbourhood Plan website (np.exbournewithjacobstowe.org.uk). Cllr Hedley explained it was becoming clear that forming a Community Land Trust might be the most effective way of delivering the community?s affordable housing requirements without a large development. Cllr Williams had received quotes for extra lengthmans work in all areas previously discussed. It was agreed to permit further work being carried out as required if they were deemed necessary. The Neighbourhood Highways Team are updating their Snow Wardens list for West Devon. Councillors did not feel the need for a Snow Warden at this time. Councillors agreed to apply the following paragraph to future agenda?s. ?Residents are invited to give their views and question the Parish Council on issues on this agenda or raise issues for future consideration, at the discretion of the Chairman, during the public participation section of the Parish Council meeting. Members of the public may not take part in the Parish Council meeting itself.? Planning: Application for two storey rear extension at Coombe House, Exbourne was supported. However it was requested that a single material be used for the finish of the external walls. Councillors supported an outline application to build a supervisory dwelling for Shilstone Farm Nursery, Exbourne provided there is a proven agriculture or horticultural need. Support was given to an application for the change of use of an agricultural building to dwelling house and associated operational development at Niases Farm, Jacobstowe. Also support was given to the felling of a conifer at Fir House, Exbourne. Councillors objected to an application from Risdon Farm, Jacobstowe for the installation of a 13.2kw ground mounted photovoltaic array. The council considered it represented industrialisation of agricultural land. An application for the erection of a two storey side/rear extension at Froggyport, Jacobstowe was deferred to the next meeting due to the lack of paperwork available. Budget: The budget for 2017/18 was discussed. It was unanimously agreed that funding requirement of 5151 will be met by a precept of 4976 and a Council Tax support grant allocation of 175. As a result, the band D Council Tax charge will be 22.54 which, allowing for an increase tax base, but reduced support grant, represents a 1.98% reduction compared to 2016/17. The next meeting will commence at 8 pm on Wednesday 29 March in Exbourne Village Hall.
Location EX20 3RY