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Hatherleigh History Society At our last meeting we were pleased to have Dr Todd Gray with us speaking about ?Elizabethan Insults in Devon?. This could have been a little risqué had it not been the manner in which Todd explained these insults, or the amount of star asterisks on the screen! The courts and church dealt with insults and slander cases swiftly and apologies were often made infront of a whole congregation. Both men and women were called drunkards, beggars and witches but men were ridiculed differently than women, men were mocked for being unintelligent, whereas only women were called scolds or eavesdroppers. Like today, sex was used to ridicule and insult and `mooning` is not a modern invention, it was a very popular action in those times! We learnt new words such as ninnycock, poxy, platter-faced, punk, wittol, ninny-hammer and hollow-mouthed. Unlike at a WI meeting where Todd gave this talk, I`m pleased to say that no one got up and walked out, there was a great deal of laughter that evening. Our next meeting in Old Schools is on the 8th May at 7.30pm, when Debs Laing-Trengove will be speaking about ?The Vanished Farms and Smallholdings in the Parish of Hatherleigh?. Visitors and guests welcome, £2. We are also delighted that Dr Todd Gray who is President of the Devon Association will be back with us on the 18th May to speak about ?The Distinctiveness of Devon?. This will be a stop off during a walk from Lyme Regis starting on the 12th May and ending at Hartland on the 22nd May, he will be speaking each evening at a different town venue. This event is open to anyone who would like to join us, there is no entry fee but donations towards tea &coffee and cake/biscuits whilst chatting to Todd after the talk, would be welcome. Monica Jones 01837 811293 email: monicasusie@tiscali.co.uk
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