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Hatherleigh Market CIC - March 13 

by Sally Vergette As the management of the Tuesday Pannier Market has now been taken over by another party on an ongoing basis and application for planning permission for the site is now in its final stages, we believe that the work of Hatherleigh Community Market C.I.C. is done. Firstly Ruby Country Partnership and then ourselves have kept the market running for almost a year beyond its original closure date. We have campaigned to save the site and in doing so have raised the profile of the market and helped raise awareness of its importance to Hatherleigh and the wider area around. Given the opportunity we would like to have been instrumental in enabling the Community and local investors to buy the site. This however has not proved possible. The CIC has been run entirely by unpaid volunteers and being limited by guarantee (i.e. having no shareholders) has paid no dividends. We will return any donations made by individuals that we can identify. We will then take steps to wind up the CIC and once this is complete, as required by the regulations governing Community Interest Companies, the remainder of the funds within the CIC will be passed to another Community Interest Company in the area for them to use in the best interests of the community. We would be interested in hearing from any Community Interest Company that wishes to be considered. Hatherleigh.net

Hatherleigh Parish Church - April 1 

You may well wonder how you can help support Hatherleigh Parish Church. One way would be to join our Parish Giving Scheme. This is an ideal way for those paying income tax to give an extra gift. If you are interested in giving in this way, our treasurer can give you a pre-prepared pack for completion. Your monthly gift is taken from your account and passed to the Church, 2 weeks later the Gift Aid Income Tax also reaches the Church Bank Account. This scheme saves the 'tax man' from guarding the money until the end of the tax year when the treasurer sends off the reclaim form. Hatherleigh.net

Love in the Countryside - October 9 

Love in the countryside is back and on the hunt for rural singles who are looking for love but find it difficult to meet potential partners. If this sounds like you or someone you know please email LoveinTheCountryside@boundlessproductions.tv My name is Frankie Mensah and I am a Producer at Boundless Productions. We are making a second series of the BBC Two show Love in The Countryside and looking for rural singles who are looking for love but find it difficult to meet potential partners. Hatherleigh.net email LoveinTheCountryside@boundlessproductions.tv

Made-Well's Missing Elephant - October 19 

On 18/10/18 our pink life size Indian elephant went missing overnight. If anyone has any information on what has happened or where it is, could you please let us know on 01837 810584. Any information is greatly appreciated. Hatherleigh.net website www.made-well.co.uk email amy@made-well.co.uk Tel 01837810584

Natwest Bank to open - October 29 

Media release New Hatherleigh GP Surgery set to open in December Hatherleigh's new GP surgery is set to open in December after the council formally approved the application by Ruby Country Medical Group (RCMG) to convert the old bank. A change of use application submitted by RCMG to convert the Old NatWest Bank in Bridge Street to a surgery was given approval and now paves the way for its completion and opening in early December. Dr Andrew Brown, GP Partner at Holsworthy Medical Centre, said: "We're very pleased to have formal planning approval for the changes and we are excited to see the opening of the new surgery at Hatherleigh which will give our patients full-time access to a new building and facilities 5 days a week". Work has been ongoing to convert the building into a fit for purpose GP surgery. The new surgery will have a large waiting area, three consulting rooms, a nurse's room, dispensary, treatment room and a large waiting area, fully accessible to all patients. This means all registered patients will be able to choose to go to either Hatherleigh or Holsworthy for their appointments. The new surgery will also be able to dispense medication which will mean that patients will now be able to collect their prescriptions from the new surgery. Amanda Fisk, Director of Assurance and Delivery at NHS England, said: "We're very pleased that the work on the new surgery has progressed and that it will be open in December. This will mean that patients will be able to access medical services from Hatherleigh with a range of care in a modern setting." Hatherleigh.net

HATHERLEIGH MARKET in transition from good to GREAT - November 12 

Hatherleigh Community Market C.I.C, is now in existence and the company is now running the Tuesday market which as you may have seen on B.B.C. Spotlight is still running. The main object of establishing the C.I.C. is to buy the whole market site initially to reinstate the sale of livestock, there are already auctioneers interested in running that side of the market. The market would help to get people back into the town to make use of other businesses, but this is not the only reason to have a working market. The well being of many people is tied to the market, it is a meeting place for country folk of all ages, which is good for mental health. Our vision of the future of the market does not stop there, the ambition is to refurbish the pig market into a multi use venue capable of holding events of many sorts, such as conferences, dances, larger staged events that will not fit in the community hall and of course various types of market. Also as we know the situation as regards the medical centre we would be open to discussion about providing a site. There is nowhere else in our part of Devon with 10 acres of hard standing making it suitable for so many events.Local organisations will be able to continue to use the site under the management of the C.I.C. We are looking for local support we need volunteers for writing a business plan and to act as company secretary, we all so need experienced bid writers to help get grants., and above all at this time we are looking for financial help. We have been offered the site for £3000,000 by the developers Kingswood Homes and are seeking donations and pledges of money to be invested in the future of Hatherleigh which will after an initial period get interest paid and be returnable. Any profits made by C.I.C.s has to be used for the good of the community, the directors are not paid and cannot take part in any discussions from which they can gain financially, although if they have market stalls their rights are the same as anybody else doing the same. This is your chance to help Hatherleigh into a bright future both financially and socially so get in touch if you can help our phone number is 01837 811808 or call at the visitor centre on the square or go to our new website www.hatherleighcommunitymarket.org Hatherleigh.net website www.hatherleighcommunitymarket.org

Why is Hatherleigh Special? - November 16 

Beaford Arts - Have produced a Page Why is Hatherleigh Special? Geoffery Cleverdon CBE, Deborah Lang-Trengove and have already contributed. Have a look via the link below and if you want add your own comments? Great pictures as you would expect from Beaford ArtsHatherleigh.net website www.beaford.org/archive-gallery/whats-special-about-hatherleigh

Hatherleigh Medical Centre opens on Monday - December 14 

The new medical centre in Hatherleigh opens on Monday 17th September. The new centre offers a warm welcome for you and your medical requirements. A dispensing service will be available shortly. Hatherleigh.net

Morris dancing at the Duke Iddesleigh - December 26 

The crowds turned. Out for the hair of the dog and watching the tinners morris. We do allow the Cornish in for special occasions. Hatherleigh.net

The Pump rises from the Ashes - January 4 

Nichola Holmes has joined the team to raise the funds required through advertising to keep the printed copy of the Parish Pump going! This was confirmed last night at a meeting of the committee, Thank you Nicola welcome aboard. Please add your copy/reports online by using the MAG tab and for events use the CONTRIBUTE tab both on ListEvents.net, first select Hatherleigh area, thank you.Hatherleigh.net website www.listevents.net email hatherleighpump@live.co.uk

Hatherliegh Pump Delivers required - January 8 

The paper copy is again going to hit the press, later this month. But we do need help with its distribution in EXBOURNE and in Higher Street, Hatherleigh. If you can help please contact Jane at the Pottery 01837 810624, thank you Businesses please advertise your business on Hatherleigh.net/listevents.net and in the pump from £66!! choose "BUSINESS" from the "CONTRIBUTE" menu then just choose your option from the list provided at ListEvents.net.Hatherleigh.net website www.listevents.net email neilmprice@hotmail.co.uk

Hatherleigh Art Group - February - February 6 

Meetings on Wednesdays at 10:30am at Commerce House, 6 and 13 February - sculpture from waste materials or clay, 20 February - catch up day and prepare next programme, 27 February - Appliqué and or mosaic with Alan.Hatherleigh.net email alanbeaman@btinternet.com Tel 1837810024