Potboilers are the commoners of Hatherleigh Moor. You are a Potboiler if your house was registered under the common Law Act 1967. If you have lived in your house for a year you are entitled to a payout each December.

Potboilers have the agricultural rights to the moor, which is managed by The Moor Management Committee constitution here on behalf of the Landowner (The Lord Mayor of Hatherleigh, currently Deb Laing-Trengrove) and the potboilers.

The allocations seem to be have made randomly as the lists below show. For the poor? How were allocations made?

A full list of Potboilers* here, by Street or by allocation Assumes 2 sheep are equivalent to a Horse or Cow.

Are you a Potboiler?

Street if your house is not here and you live in Hatherleigh, you are NOT a Potboiler

* every effort has been made to make this lookup table accurate from the orginals here Part 1 The header, Bridge Street High Street, Part 2 Market Street, Higher Street, Buddle Lane, South Street Part 3 High Street, Market Street Part 4 South Street, Park Road Hatherleigh Moor, Red Lane, Victoria Road Part 5 Claremount, Moorview, Holsworthy Road and others

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