Architectural Salvage Granite and Farming bygones sale
report for the online 24th of February 2019 auction

The Sunday Sales are attracting many buyers and families who would be unable to attend on a week day
In addition thousand lots photographed and online attracted over 100 online bids from around the globe.

We've just finished loading 5 tons of granite for a shipment to wholesalers in Massachusetts USA other buyers included container filling for Bangkok, Leicester, Oxon, Salisbury, London, Cambridge, Sevenoaks, Royal Wootton Bassett, Falmouth

GRANITE our old friend the 5’ granite mill wheel finally left these shores for the USA at £440. 5 made up “married” staddle Stones made from £140 to £225 to average £180. A shallow granite square trough  measuring 36” by 36” was  once again snapped up by the Americans at £590. The Americans also purchased five smaller granite troughs to average of £300. Many West Country Enthusiasts went home empty-handed but a Devon purchaser stuck to the task to secure a “D” end Pump trough at £800. 3 smooth granite steps sold to the Net at £290 and the same buyer acquired 6 small curved granite steps at £240

GRANITE GATE POSTS a pair of modern cut granite Gate posts sold for £500 on condition that we deliver them to Land's End!

FLOOR SLATE insufficient floor state to meet demand our regular clients from a South Cornwall need another 500 square yards. They purchased a slate snooker table base for £400 and a Slate floor slab each measuring 52 in by  48 inches for £150 while small piece 38” by 22” sold for £42 to the same a buyer.

IRONWORK pair of 5 ft circular cast iron pig trough with bars sold for £220 to a Devon wholesaler on the phone. Garden iron gate for £85 to Massachusetts, garden bench £140 to Taunton, Industrial iron cogwheel 45in diameter £150 to Somerset, Galvenised cold water tank £250 to Somerset, small galvanised water tanks 31” by 35” sold for £80 Iron railings £150, 7 iron stanchions £230, A field Gate £140, two seater swing seat  £550 to Torrington.   enamel signs An entry of 30 enamel signs mostly damaged from a scrapyard attracted global interests with enamel Craven A sign £110, Damaged Woodbine signs £70 and £75. Thorley cake sign 32” by 27” £250, Fordson sign £300.  

POTTERY wash hand basin £120 to Okehampton, 17 inch terracotta flower pot £40 to Dalton who also acquired a Belfast sink for £55, Pair of terracotta devil ridge tiles £150, a Clay Rhubarb forcer £120 to America, others £110 and £100 to Northampton

WOOD Arched Chapel  wood door and frame 90” £250 to Cornwall, Wooden yoke £48, Well bucket £65, wooden butter pats £34, 5 wooden apple trays £42, wooden miniature dog cart  £210, pair of wagon wheels £100, ships wheel £110, pine kitchen dresser £380 sold to Cornwall, Pine domed truck £80. miscellaneous Village water pump £100, 3 small wooden barrels £70, thermal theodalite  £75,  police outside light  £120, hexagonal chimney pot £120 to Cornwall, Metal Goats head £85, Ornate gilt mirror £340 to St Austell, 2 industrial iron pigeon holes £220 to North Devon, Wood dovecote £250, primitive early push lawn mower £120 and another £85, Clay olive pot £140 to a buyer from Yelverton.  

WE COULD SAY MORE!! Finished Selling 6p.m.,  loading till 7:30 p.m! Next sale only 6 weeks away Sunday 25th of May 10 a.m. (Time may vary in Bangkok and USA) We are now collecting and photographing for the WEB (Last sale all 1000 lots could be viewed around the world)   01837810088 mobile 0774668 7444Robert