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Advertising on, and the Online Magazine in time there may also be a printed version take up dependent.

OFFER OFFER to featuring on all the platforms above. ( randomly on all listing made showing image, short description and contact details and always ahead of all general lisings made in your type of business, business section and online magazine for a year!)

If you want your advert to appear in the online version, first choose one of the magazine options from "Change Postcode/Village" option under "info" menu.

This can then add your Business from the "Business" option under either "menu" or "menu2", then add your business. Be aware an image request reflecting your business will be required.

enter "Internet 4 digit post code area £100 a year" This will also add you to and in the Magazine for a year.

enter all relevant fields, essentially the targeted 4 digit postcode otherwise your advert will only appear on the general free listing on, and your phrase/name must be remembered if you wish to amend your entry later.

press "submit" then upload your image, after completed your invoice will appear, please print and pay, your add will appear immediately on please allow 48 hours after payment has been made for your advert to appear on The advert will appear in the magazine for the next 11issues if paid for by the deadline of the magazine.

General Terms Here

1. We reserve the right to withdraw any content without giving any reason.

2. If you have paid for your listing and WE disagree with the content we will give you the reason and withdraw the content, and reimburse you.

3. If content is of an illegal nature and appears on the site, the content will be removed from the site and reported to the appropriate authorities.

4. All copy entered should be relevant to the area or its residents.

5. No copy will be accepted that is directed, in anyway, at any indivdual will taken down.

6. General points and opinions are encouraged, use the site sensibly and get your views across.

7. Everyone is encouraged to use this site to put the views across on local matters.

8. LISTEVENTS.NET site is a UK based orientated Site at the moment, tomorrow the WORLD, maybe even further.

9. All information is deleted when it is not relevant, i.e. all events information is deleted after the event.

11. All information can be deleted by the originator of the information and by

12. This is a location based site and needs local contributions.

13. All images need to be approved before they will appear on the site.

14. All content entered can be removed from the system via the Amend/Delete options from the add (screens), by using the name/phrase used when adding the content.

LISTEVENTS.NET is a location based site so tourists and locals can see what events are going on, and get information about the Local Area they are in

Adding a Location/village

You will need the fields displayed on the initial screen, Title, Description, upto 6 Post Codes of your area(6 didgets) i.e SW1 3h, EX20 3, not EX203, EX20 or EX20 3HZ, *Telephone number, *Email and a *Phrase/name(to be remembered so you can amend/delete the item later)

All items are required other then 1 of the six Post Code areas.

*means items are not displayed on the site

Cookie Policy

1. The postcode you last entered is held for 60 days so the system knows where you last searched and returns to it.

2. If you want to add information your email address is requested and held for quiet 60 days, which saves you the trouble of re-entering it.

3. If you entered a month for the newletter this will also be kept for 60 days.

4. If you entered a Village option on the website it will be held until you clear it/this will automatically happen if you enter a Post Code or after 60 quiet days.

5. If you click here it will clear them.

6. All other cookies will be cleared on the closure of your browser.

 LISTEVENTS.NET is a location based site so tourists and locals can see what events are going on, and get information about the Local Area and leave reviews via the forum facility they are in

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