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The Objective

1. To provide a platform which can be used by all to add their content, News, Events and Opinions etc., with the basic control of being honest, open and truthful, under the principal of not directing any comments in a detrimental effect against any other person. Objective criticism of ideas and concepts is encouraged!

2. To provide a platform for local people to put forward their ideas and create an open platform for their area.

3. To provide a facility to produce a local newletter as a PDF which can be sent to a local printer producing a hardcopy.

4. Income is generated by local businesses advertising in their local area based on Postcode.


The Programming

The system was programmed by Neil Price, who learnt his trade in the 1970s working initially for British Leyland in Cowley before eventually ending up running a computer department for the United Nations via writing machine code for ICL (Dataskill) and working on the cutting edge BBC Micro in the early 1980s. He ended up in the setting up one of the first international network of computers, linking various computers around the world into a Prime Computer based in London, via direct input and an automated closed email system where all information was his responsibility. He became disillusioned, with the computer industry The industry is run by salesmen, and still is! he has said recently. In the early 1990s he retired from the industry to pursue other ideas he had, for various reasons it failed and he ended up as a single parent and devoted his time to his daughter.

Having met his current wife and taking on her children, whose son was interested in having a career in the computer industry, so he decided to look into what was happening and he came to the conclusion that:-

1. The industry is still run by salesmen.

2. The cost of hardware has decreased considerably

3. The advance of applications linking into different third party products has improved. The cost of getting hold of the details from the ISO is detrimental to start up innovative organisations.

4. The links to hardware like i.e. GPS links, and other base software has increased fourfold

5. The standards of programming has dropped as the cost of hardware has got lower, i.e. website generators, when it looks too good to be true it is!

To this end he has designed a system for the users where they are left in control. Due to the current availability of software it was written in Microsoft’s asp. The application due to time restraints had to use the best tools available.